Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Statement of Purpose for the Photo Essay

I want to get more high school students interested in the aviation industry. My main focus is to recruitthese high school students to become the next “Pilots of Tomorrow”. Aviation has been around sincethe early 1900s; when the Wright Brothers had their first powered flight up in Kitty Hawk, NorthCarolina. Since then, the aviation industry has been booming and has taken off to new heights. Thereare so many opportunities for a pilot in the industry; from airlines to corporate flying to flying thegovernment around. There is also fly for search and rescue or even research. In this day in time, it is aperfect time to break in the industry due to the near pilot shortage. U.S based airlines are looking to hiremore than 50,000 pilots in the next 20 years. Due to high cost of training and time needed to become awell-qualified pilot; a lot of people end up finding something else to do. My goals are to show the highschool students that even though it takes a lot to become a pilot it is worth it in the end. First, I want toshow them what it takes to become a well-trained and qualified pilot. Then show what the perks andbenefits of being a pilot.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Things that I’m interested to find out

Things that I’m interested to find out over this school year, how do new students adapt to the change from high school to college. I would like to know how to people of many different cultures can put aside their difference and get along with one another. New cultures etc.